About me

I have been working on the EconoFun project since secondary school, having initially designed the game as a distinctly creative approach to the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). On being accepted onto the University of Sussex Economics and Management undergraduate programme, I pursued the commercialisation of my idea, with the ultimate goal of passing on my love of the subject to future students.

While studying at the University I won the 2012 StartUp Sussex prize, awarded by representatives from the University, the Sussex Innovation Centre business incubation hub, and local business leaders. I developed the board game EconoFun, an engaging, interactive way of teaching economic theory to A-Level students.

“I wanted to help students at school and those arriving at university to study Economics, who maybe hadn’t had the opportunity to learn about it before. It’s also a more engaging way to teach the subject – I remember so clearly losing focus in lessons, which shouldn’t be the case when I find the topic itself so interesting.”

I created the first prototype then conducted trials of the game at dozens of schools. After speaking to them about their learning tool requirements I made iterations and ultimately decided on a final product.

Following this I have now had the game produced and have been selling online since February 2016. While the game was created in the UK, to date games have been sold in China, Australia, the UAE and Switzerland.